Bab Al Daleel

Security Systems

At Bab Al Daleel, we are continually developing tailor made solutions in the field of security systems. From top to bottom, our security systems will create the most effective security surveillance solutions for any type of commercial business, residence, Institutions or neighborhood community. We will design around your architecture to provide the utmost coverage. Our competence, know-how & skill sets allow us to implement variety of projects.

CCTV Integration is critical to all security systems today. We can create a variety of surveillance camera techniques as per the practical requirements of the client. This will permit remote viewing, monitoring and alerting. Alerts can be triggered for a myriad of options from motion to sound. The data from the integrated network and the security system can be accessed online and be made available to authorized users in the network (intranet) or outside the network (Internet). In addition, Seamless integration of CCTV, web and other security systems is the ultimate goal at Bab Al Daleel.


  • CCTV camera interface
  • Network cameras on common platform
  • Integrated CCTV system
  • Door Alarm connected to cameras
  • Software selects camera for guard- tour
  • Multiple cameras on common network
  • Multiplexers integrated with software
  • Recording on network server
  • User friendly review and analysis
  • Central Monitoring system

Access Control System

Bab Al Daleel provides state-of-the-art access control software and hardware in an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use access control solution that seamlessly integrate with a wide range of facility management products. Our flexible access control software is suited to the needs of the organizations who seek a new system as they are those who plan to bring an existing system up to date. Plus, our sophisticated access control solutions run on Windows-based software, so that they are easy to implement, easy to learn, and easy to use.


Bab Al Daleel’s intruder alarm systems are designed for a variety of applications from domestic and small retail stores to high-end security systems for government and financial institutions. Many high-end security systems can be integrated with access control and lighting systems if required. Nearly all intruder alarm systems now have a digital dialler fitted which can be programmed for personal or central station monitoring in the event of an alarm condition.


Bab Al Daleel has an array of residential alarm systems that can be installed on residential complexes of any nature. Our house alarm systems can be tailored to meet your specific needs or supplied as a set package; constantly protecting residences from unwanted intruders, fire and personal attack.


Bab Al Daleel has unrivalled experience in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of multi-disciplined systems. Our experts who specialize in your particular business sector prepares every installation and every contract individually from the small business through to transport, industrial and large complexes.

Our intruder system can include the following features:

  • Movement, Vibration and sound detectors
  • Glass Breaking sensors
  • Light controls
  • Keypads and encrypted keys